Ten ways to Treat Oily scalp and Hair

Oily scalp means scalp problems it causes poor hair growth, dandruff and hair fall. Oily scalp is actually a defensive mechanism against scalp microbes, bacteria and other scalp issues.  However oily scalp means you need to treat your hair and scalp well. Hair care is as important as skin care.

Some people have extremely oily hair so much oil on their scalp that they need to wash their hair 5 times a week to get rid of oil. As a result their scalp becomes dryer and it releases oil. Proper hair care results in less hair and scalp problems. Some people have oily scalp and dry hair which can also be avoided when doing proper hair care. There are some good shampoos for dull dry and damage hair which effectively treat damage hair.

What causes oily scalp:

  • Some people have in their genes just like some people have oily, dry and normal skin in other words its genetical.
  • Due to frequent uses of chemical loaded hair product shampoos specifically

People having oily skin are more likely to have oily scalp and hair. Here are some effective ways to treat oily scalp.

Treat Oil Scalp and Hair

It’s important to treat oily scalp and hair as too much oily scalp can cause other scalp and hair issues.

1) Avoid using same chemical Loaded Shampoos Again and Again

This sounds a bit not considerable to people who have already chosen their hair products. Well that’s  true and in fact if you keep on using a same non organic shampoo for consecutive 3 to four months you will be able to experience scalp and hair issues.   That’s why you need to switch other suitable shampoos too. This is not the case with organic shampoos.

2) Avoid Blow Drying and using other heating tools:

Always remember that using too much heating products can also damage your scalp and hair.

3) Organic Hair Masks:

Apply organic hair masks on your scalp at least twice a week to avoid scalp and hair issues.

3) Using Tea Tree oil:

Tea tree oil is  best for oily scalp and hair you can mix it with other oils as well and make a hair mask.

4) Using Mustard oil:

Mustard oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make your scalp oil free and healthy.

5) Steam hair treatment:

Steaming your scalp using hot towel and then using organic oils and masks can help you in making your scalp free of oil and healthy.


6) Hair combing:

Do not forget to comb your hair and scalp on daily bases this will keep the blood flowing in right direction which will results in oil free scalp and hair.

7) Using Aloe Vera Mask

Apply aloe Vera gel on your scalp and hair at least once a week. This is one of the best ways to treat oily scalp and hair.

8) Applying lemon, honey, coconut oil mask

The trick is to mix honey, coconut oil and then cutting a half lemon and dipping it in mixture and then applying that with the help of half cut lemon. This will exfoliate your scalp ,hence treating oily scalp and hair effectively.

9) Healthy Diet:

Eat banana, fish, egg, dates, fruits, vegetables, drink milk and eat dairy products. A healthy diet is the best way to make you feel better and to avoid any hair and scalp related issues.

10) Frequently washing hair

Do not let oil to build up in-fact use organic based shampoos which may not dry your scalp. If the shampoos and hair products dry your scalp then scalp will release oil more frequently.


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