The Dark White Angel Chapter 11

the promise

Chapter -11

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


The Promise

Washington DC

Person(MALE): How is Dad doing? Are you giving him the medicines?

Person on the other side(FEMALE): How are you I am worried about you it’s been 3 months. Are you eating well? Your Dad is fine. (Starts crying)

Person: Mother you don’t have to cry this is why I don’t call you often I know you are too sensitive. I have good news for you stop crying now… I am going back to Japan for a few weeks. It’s just like I promised you I am going to meet him after so many years.  You know I am doing this for Dad and you… you are all I have now. (Sighs)

Mother: I am very proud of you come back to Los Angeles before leaving, you will be happy to see your father’s progress. And tell me what about your patients? Are you done with your last psychiatrist consultancies I mean your patient’s therapies?

Person: Mom you worry too much yea I have treated my last patient here. I am coming tomorrow. Do you want anything from DC?

Mother: A mother’s eyes only want to see her son. I just want to see you. Oh I forgot to tell you… lots of roses have bloomed in our  rose garden I think the fertilizer you recommended did the trick the whole house seems to be fragrant with the sweet smell of roses.

Person: Mother thank you so much for taking care of my roses. I know it’s been tough but thank you. And this time I am going to ask Timmy to take care of it so you don’t have to put yourself in so much trouble.

Mother: Laughs Alright son will see you tomorrow then. Take care of yourself.

Person: You too take care.

Next Day

K sitting in his rose garden alone he seems to be thinking about something … the whole house is fragrant with the beautiful smell of roses … too many stars in the sky tonight and wow the moon is shining so bright!

Mother: What are you thinking? (His mother joins in holding a mug of coffee)

K: Nothing! I enjoy everything when I am at home the sky, roses, food which you made me with love. The childhood memories I had with Suuu… (Suddenly stopped)

S I L E N C E……!

Mother:  Takumi… You know in life there are some things better left unsaid.  If we think about those things we will only get pain in the end…All these years I have been thinking about Subaru …  and I asked myself why we have to deserve it… that day I just can’t forgive myself… What I would say to your father when he ask me …what I would say…. (Starts crying)

K: Only if I would knew what happened that day If I was with Dad I could have known …All we have are regrets….we have indeed lost them ,it’s a huge gap cannot be filled…(gloomy)  (Sighs)

Mother: Still crying

K: Gets up from his chair and hold mother’s hand (Karen)  … But you have me now mother I am your strength … you have to be strong…I will change everything for you I will find out who did this I am not a weakling anymore.

Mother: I have already lost my treasure I can’t afford to lose you too. And when you get back to Japan you have to promise me that you won’t do anything which will bring back that curse upon us.

K: I promise.

Mother: Are you done with your packing? (Changes subject)

To be continue

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