The Dark White Angel Chapter 13


Chapter -13

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


He is a Ghost…?

Call from Tokyo to  London

Mitsue: So what are the updates gentlemen? Tell me you have something this time?

Ichiro: It’s Ichiro. Yamato got the access they appointed him one of his close body guards. It’s been two week now and the security there is very tight I have limited access though. Yamato got a chance last week to connect with me.

Mitsue: Are you an idiot it’s been a week already what’s the information?

Ichiro: Sir, Drake is a GHOST no one has ever seen him.       

Mitsue: What do you mean he is a ghost?

Ichiro: Only those who have seen him are the ones he only trusts.  Mitsue found one body guard’s weakness that he loves drinking so this is what he got from him the body guard said,

”Matsuda has been attacked by an Elite assassin and it’s confirmed. He got so scared for the first time in his life that he sent his family to Japan after that.’’

His daughter and wife know that he is in America when he is not… Mitsue tried to investigate some more information and was able to configure only one thing the documents we are after are not here in London they are in Japan but no one really knows where. If we get those documents we can have him.

The body guard said that Drake himself is an expert in martial arts and he did fight the assassin … the assassin injured him badly but he ain’t killed him… Matsuda seems to be begging of something but since they were speaking Japanese he the body guard was unable to understand.  Another surprising thing is he just injured him to inquire the information it seems he is also after those documents.  And the strangest thing is he left a scar on his neck…I have the picture here it is.

Mitsue:  hmmm…. Wait, this looks familiar! It’s the same mark as on the Hwan Hyeon (board chairman of Khinwa Chemical industries)  body found … but wait there is a little difference as Drake was not killed and was just injured hmmm…How strange is this his style, is like assassin but he ain’t killed him? … Seems to me it’s some kind of warning…what exactly I don’t know …But I am sure that it was him the one they call Shi no tenshi (Angel of Death)…

Well ask Yamato to stay there for sometimes and keep me updated like this.

To be continue

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