The Dark White Angel Chapter 15


Chapter -15

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi



America, Washington DC, Apartments

Someone Having Dream.


Dreaming… fire everywhere… save me mommy save …don’t leave me…don’t…. child crying lost his way… people are after them trying to kill them…don’t go mommy…don’t leave me … brother don’t leave me…sweating heavily … his voice seems to be lost as there were sounds everywhere… planes landing and arriving…

Get’s up saying (Don’t….his voice seems to be stuck in his throat)

eyes opened (Sighs) (that dream every night)

Drinking water…checks his phone one missed call.

After half an hour he arrived at WBOI main office in Washington DC…

WBOI ( World Bureau of Investigation)


Name: Justin Shi –Woo  (시우)

Nationality: American

Age: 27 years old but somehow he looks very young

Blood group: A+

Family: Adopted son by a Korean businesswoman CEO of Famous Fashion company living in America.

Occupation: Working for WBOI  (World Bureau of Investigation ) Special Agent

Senior Officer: Have a seat

Shi-Woo:  Thank you sir.

Senior Officer: You see Shi-Woo we are having a bit of a situation. There is someone reported to be  attacking on influenced people … we suspect it’s him but this time he is not killing he seems to be collecting information. Which is kind of strange for an assassin behaviour.  I know you have been to China, Russia, Japan, Korea and many other countries blending in, but some WBOI members especially the higher ranking officers are suspecting the assassin among us.  I don’t know how far this is true since WBOI stands for world bureau of Investigation and there is still a possibility that someone is spying on us and collecting all the information for it’s sake.   I need you to be more cautious.   And report me on this Matsuda case I also suspect him behind all these attacks speaking of which I have received a call yesterday from Japanese investigation and they want our help.   I need you to go to Japan for this.

Shi-Woo:   Very well sir  I will leave tomorrow.