The Dark White Angel Chapter 16


Chapter -16

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


The Hunt

 Somewhere in Himalayas

A black ninja entering a place built high up in the Himalayan mountains above him an eagle flew…

The Eagle can clearly see every inch of the mountain despite of the snow storm …his eyes seems to be fixed on the ninja who is moving at the speed of wind…

In the blink of an eye they both entered a huge black gate which opened automatically, it seemed someone already knew they were there.

The inside seems to be lit up with fire goblets … Just aside of the golden chair there sits a black masked man sitting like a King… the eagle sits on his shoulder and the ninja bowed him…

Ninja: The Assassination is confirmed someone tried to kill your duplicate back in London …he seemed to left a mark on his body …we suspect it’s him…and we think he knew it, it was not you so he didn’t  killed him… he also killed 3 of our best men.  The news is confirmed the unnecessary assassination of our alliance is due to him,   he is doing it… and the governments are suspecting us.

H…e…he   is no match for us.

Man: Silence! Do the preparations call the black tiger and send him to hunt him down for me.

Each day he is becoming furious like a hound I will teach him the difference between a hound and a Tiger.

Ninja: Very well, I ask for leave

To be continue

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