The Dark White Angel Chapter 18


Chapter -17

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


The Village Monk…

Unknown village in Himalayas mountain region in Nepal

After the meeting with the writer, Takumi for certain reasons had to leave for Nepal …

At the height of 2,300 meters near the Mount Everest Area.

A majestic view of a lush green valley surrounded by fruits trees and blooming flowers everywhere…   a dream like paradise place…   with the population of about 4000 people only.

Takumi with a local reached at a simple cottage…

Takumi: Hi I am the appointed physician here I need to check up monk Akash.

Person: Oh he is inside, you may come in please.

Takumi entering the cottage… it’s just a small hut a monk sitting peacefully on floor…

Monk: Please sit down why you want to see me I am perfectly fine. I have never seen you before who are you?

Takumi:  My apologies but R has sent me.

Monk: Stands up and turns around facing towards the window…I know why he send you…but I cannot talk on this …we have already suffered a lot…opening mouth once again may lead us to another phase of destruction.

Takumi: I promise you I won’t speak my lips are sealed I am searching for someone and this is the only clue …please I beg you.

Monk: Why shall I trust you? Give me a reason and I will let you know.

Takumi: Taking off his shirt and showing him his back …see I have no mark of the league. Also here it is (offering him money). And showing him his ID card plus his current address.

Monk: Rubbed all his upper body with certain kind of cloth …

Monk: I don’t want money trust is everything since you have come this far…with the reference whom I can trust and you don’t have the mark…I give you this one chance follow me…taking him to an unknown destination …after an hour travelling on foot, they reach in a cave where there was a man lying he was injured…

Monk: getting closer to the man and ask him to speak after that he whispers something in his ears.  ‘’ He saw those people, they even injured him before he successfully escaped.’’

Person:   I use to take my goats to a certain area deep in the mountains, and one day I got lost there when I was searching for the goat, I overheard people, disguised as Monks I was unable to see their faces as they were wearing some kind of hood masks …They were not locals I am sure of it they were speaking Japanese and American accent English… even though I am not that educated I use to do part time guide job for the tourists I can easily judge from their accents …they were talking about their leader, one was telling a story to its fellow.  He said,’’ Shi no tenshi (angel of death) ain’t killed Kokuryū (black dragon’s) right hand.Because he knew it was not him, he (Shi no tenshi) now knew the where about of our location.  Further he added that Kokumajutsu-shi (black magician) the right hand of black dragon league ordered his finest man Black Tiger to kill Shi no tenshi and now he is hunting him down.

This is what I heard and after that they found the goat and they after hitting me many times they asked me if I can swim I lied that I can’t and they threw me into the river. This monk found me and since then I am hiding in this cave and now they are after me.  My wife and kids know that I am dead just for their safety. All I know they are no good people and they are up to something dangerous.

Monk: These people have killed many of our villagers and since that incident many are missing too… we are in deep kind of danger…  Now you have heard it so what you going to do?

Takumi: I will help you just wait a little more. I can’t thank you enough for this. Take this money and safe your family.

To be continue

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