The Dark White Angel Chapter 19


Chapter -19

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


Time is Near

 A few days later after the meeting with the MONK
Takumi came back to his Apartment in Japan

He seems to be rather confused and kind of messed up, his long hair like he ain’t brushed them from days… again he seems like his mind is only set on one thing and that is why he is again searching for clues again.

Gathering all kinds information the newspaper cuttings, the evidences and other things which he have collected in the past few days…his fingers were moving fast on the keyboard as he was thinking the next chapter for his book unveiling the mask…   His mind filled with thoughts as he was trying to solve the puzzles… suddenly his hand stopped moving he relaxed his head on the chair closed his eyes… and started brain storming…  His mind clicked on different incidents happened a few days back when he visited the main house.

There were sure a lot of unusual things he noticed during his recent visits at the main house.

For instance the wooden floor was replaced with uguisubari (nightingale floor) the floor designed in such manner that it made chirping sound when someone walks on it. Now why would he (grandfather) have to replace with that when he likes being quite?  Also there is an increase in number of people working at the Palace, the surveillance cameras and everything is he suspecting on someone?

Reminding of another incidence at the main house when the power was cut suddenly, and there was no backup at that time at night when I was talking with grandfather…

he got upset  suddenly and walked out of the room shouting for light , he was not acting like usual… there is sudden change in his behavior and what might it be causing I have no idea. But being a psychiatrist I think I have the upper hand.

At that time I noticed the drawer was opened when he left the room, it had letters with strange seal on it… when I opened it , I noticed the writing matched with Uncle’s Drake.  And what it said, was indeed interesting…

‘’You won’t be able to find my weakness at this age but I thank you for accepting my family. Although I know you will never accept me as family again but I can’t help myself saying that you indeed are a man of your words keeping women and children out of this. I am sure like other letters you won’t open this but this time it’s a letter of gratitude.’’ Drake

All the letters were there but all of them were sealed and never opened …? So grandfather does what he says after all he is a man of his words… this is at least what I know and Drake is alive that’s why grandfather is more cautious.  Perhaps that’s the reason of his unusual behavior.  Also the letter burnt within minutes of opening, the seal and everything why is so confidential…I also managed to take the pictures of the letter and the seal just in case.

Drake seems to be an Evil mind, who has no dignity.

All the clues to capture and lure out that devil faced human  called Kokumajutsu-shi (black magician) …to use him as a fictional character of my story although he is here but this world is always unaware of such characters and they call them Fictional …So be it Drake be that fictional character for my book …but I need you to suffer … I want you to die slowly and slowly just like my father suffered all these years…you know you were playing God , but now you have to suffer the consequence of playing that filthy game. The time is near…   And from the monk incident it seems someone is already messing up with your life.   (Smirked)

All of a sudden there was TV sound

Ehh what’s this news headline…?

Another assassination and this time it’s a Japanese Intelligence government officer who was in charge of Drake’s case.  Now who has killed him and for what ….?  If the devil (drake) is hiding himself and sending black tiger to kill Shi no tenshi (angel of death) … then who is doing this killing? It can’t be drake or his minions… Oh I see now I get it…it’s him whom they call Angel of death who is doing all this killing…. Nice plot so he is making bobby traps for him intersecting….Since the enemy of my enemy is my friend but who is he? Ah well… whoever he is he knows the game and he is the most lethal of them all…

I am going to rule your worlds by making people believe that characters like you actually exist in real life….

Well let’s keep your track with the news plus continuing with my chapters…

Phone ringing sound

Person: Hi it’s the published we are waiting how long wills it take…

K: Working on it just give me few weeks…

Call Ends

To be continue

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