The Dark White Angel Chapter 20

the funtion

Chapter -20

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


The Function

Beth: So what’s the big deal about this Matsuda’s function and who cares?

Jennifer: You are always being so noisy…Well since you are that blank , it comes once a year this function is important all the Japanese noble families come to attend the function even celebrities, politicians, government officers, people from fashion world it’s a gathering of about 30,000 people.   I have been told that the heir of Matsuda’s family is here finally.  It’s especially in his honour.

Beth: So where is he now and his family?

Jennifer: As far as I know he is alone.

Beth: That’s strange … well who cares

Jennifer: Care or not as Drake’s daughter you must be well mannered … Japanese are very particular when it comes to manners. So you need to behave and I don’t want to hear any of your excuses.

Beth: But mom what I am going to wear?

Jennifer: Only a day left and you have not decided yet? Wear that black dress you father sent you this month.

Beth: Oh wow mom you are great! You are the best mom in the world

An hour before the function Starts

Jennifer and Beth both dressed beautifully reached the main house an hour before the main event

Wow it’s a huge gathering

Yuki: Jennifer over here this is my daughter Sakura

Sakura: Nice to meet you

Jennifer: This is Beth my daughter…

Yuki: You girls sit over there we have some work ok lets go Jennifer    ,

Sakura: Ah let’s sit here …

Beth: Looks like a great event … here, have some drinks it’s fresh orange juice …oh no I am sorry Beth…let me clean it for you..There is a room we can get there and you can change there ok?

Beth: Ah ok

Sakura: Where is the changing room (asking the waiter)

Waiter: It’s over there but of you go there it’s on left, the other side is for Young Master.

Sakura: Huh what was he saying … kind of confused he seems well I think I know where it is … let’s go … This looks like the room and wow what a beautiful traditional Japanese Yukata I want to wear it..Hey Beth … when I clean it for you, just wear this Yukata until then… If anyone finds out you won’t look bad ok you need to stay here I am going to call mom and ask her the dry cleaning room ok.

Beth: Thank you I will wear this Yukata till then… and don’t leave me here because I don’t know this place…

After half an hour Beth sitting alone in the room waiting… footsteps heard outside the door … someone at the door … the same guy appeared whom she saw last time at the main house but this time he is wearing a bath robe… when she saw her she got confused… he ain’t noticed her since he was looking for something …

Person: excuse me … will you please move aside … His face  seems to covered up with his black shiny hair and his eyes and face could not be seen … but his voice seems to be familiar somehow… But why there feels a great difference in the personalities?  (Beth thinks he is the model she meets at the airport and at the fashion show a few months back)

Beth: But I am not coming in your way I am just sitting waiting for my friend.

Person: Brushes his hair off from his face with fingers suddenly looks at her …eyes meet… I seem to lost something will you please excuse me… then again looks down trying finding something… (Ignoring her)

Beth: Oh it’s you what are you doing here? You come where ever I go and you say that I chase you. Remember what you said when I meet you at the backstage ?

Person: What ….?  (Making unfamiliar weird face)

Beth: That’s right you heard me …I don’t care how good you look and how many times you change your hair color … you are a rude jerk and that’s what you are …you even came at my grandfather function… (Annoying tone)


Person: (Sighs) … Pfffft… hahahah

Young master we have found it…

Person: I could have heard your whole story but sorry I have to go… (Smiles)

Click (Door closed)

To be continue

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