The Dark White Angel Chapter 21

welcome aboard

Chapter -21

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


Welcome Aboard

Tokyo, Japan

Japan- At Secret Services Head Quarters 7:00 am      

Mitsue: Gentleman this is Mr. Shi-Woo from WBOI (World Bureau of Investigation. We are seeking their help for Matsuda case, as you know he is already been part of HIROKI(means bright sparkle) case as WBOI was already keeping an eye on Drake’s activities… He is a senior officer and I welcome him to Japanese investigation team.

Yamato: You look familiar have I meet you before?

Ichiro: Sir you are really handsome I mean you look like a Hollywood star.

Shi-Woo: Ha ha I don’t really like people praising me but thank you.

Mitsue: If you don’t know he is already famous in Japan as an International super model visiting Japan. He has been awarded many times for his services in WBOI.  Shi-Woo these two will be working under you; they assist you in every matter so take them with you.

Ichiro: Whispering in Yamato’s ears are we packet of sweets the way boss saying take them with you.

Mitsue: Did you say something?

Ichiro: No sir I mean understood sir.

Nice to meet you Sir Shi-Woo?

Shi-Woo: Please call me Justin



To be continue

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