The Dark White Angel Chapter 21


Chapter -20

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


What I don’t know ?

Beth: What… he just …wait a minute … (phone rings) … yea mom…Beth you again caught yourself in a situation there is no time left now come here this instance…

Sakura:  hey Beth I am sorry it will take longer for dry cleaning it seems like you have to attend the function in Yukata… would that be fine with you…What choice do I have (looked angry)… let’s go

An hour later after dinner

It’s time for the speech … but who is going to do it this year… it must be the head but he is getting too old  people murmuring…

Just when everyone was murmuring Tadao Susumu (Takumi’s grandfather) announced

Tadao Susumu : honourable guests ..I am very glad to have this day to introduce you to Matsuda’s family heir he is my grandson Please welcome Dr. Takumi Suji Matsuda…

Everyone clapping…

Sakura: Wearing branded suit and accessories, looking so classy and sophisticated wow he does look like a model of magazine cover… I am so going to marry him…

Women talking:Wow he is so gorgeous he ain’t look like belonging to this family… what are you saying ?when Suji was young he was handsome and did you know that he married an American women so his mother is an American lady she was so pretty I still remember meeting her and it’s no doubt he is her son.  ( women talking)


Beth: This jerk is a doctor and he is a model too does it even make any sense?  (Thinking deep making that weird face)

Sakura: Hey Beth what are you thinking he is going to speak be attentive.

After the speech Beth seems to be more in shock (Why he seems to have a completely different personality? But he looked same as him…why)

Sakura: Wow his English is so perfect … he is so handsome!

Sakura: Hey Beth I just got a call, grandfather is calling everyone in his room…

                                                          Tadao Susumu‘s Room

I have gathered you all my children to make a little announcement …Come here Beth and Takumi…

Me (Beth pointed towards herself like she is asking if he really called her name?)  … Jennifer pinched her; Beth suddenly gets up and sits next to grandfather… Then Takumi sits next to him too…

Tadao Susumu: A lot of things have happened in the past years…and since I am only one who can speaks on behalf of Suji (Takumi’s father and Tadao Susumu’s only son) and Drake Matsuda (Birth name Takeo Matsuda, who’s father Shin (now dead) were both brothers) and since I love these children I announce the engagement of Takumi and Beth. The engagement will stay for three months and after that I will announce the wedding date. And this engagement is final.

Here are the rings Takumi I trust you. I have already talked with Takumi and he is fine to take Beth as his wife.

Beth: What is this engagement and then my wedding I don’t know him I can’t just marry him. This is not fair…

Jennifer interfered please grandfather give us some time to think…

Tadao Susumu: Even though it’s decided but I shall give you a week to think. I hope you to respect my decision.

Note: Shin and Tadao Susumu are both brothers.

To be continue

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