The Dark White Angel Chapter 22

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Chapter -22

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


After Shock!

Tokyo, Japan

Beth and Jennifer having conversation Early in the Morning

Beth: Mom what is the meaning of this engagement?  …forget grandfather, instead talk to that Jerk!

Jennifer: That Jerk who?

Beth:  Doc…Doctor !

Jennifer: I have already talked with him and I don’t see any flaw in him …in any case he is better than you in many ways which you don’t even realise … I talked with your father about it he can’t go against is uncle. Also I don’t have any objection; he is too good for you Beth just give him a chance.

                                 Beth friend’s entering her room

Haruka:  And Speaking of which there is a book launch next week and yes he is coming too.

Beth: Why there is always a book launch you guys…? Isn’t there any other place…?

Jennifer: He invited us all at the book launch however I am not going you go with your gang instead…

Beth: Yea, I understand if I won’t they will report you back everything…it seems like they are more your friends than me… Guys just don’t be too excited it’s not official yet!  (annoyed)

Jennifer leaves room and her 3 friends join in…

      After an Hour the girls reached the destination

At the book launching event almost 20,000 people gathering

Ayami: What’s the point in being so fashionable at the book launch Haruka?

Haruka: jealous much?

Ayami: It’s just a book launch idiot a gathering of realistic, non materialistic, super nerdy intelligent people are here. And your theme is totally opposite!

Aiya: Hey look over there Beth it’s him your mom has already introduced us with him in your absence sorry Beth! He looks like moon in the sky

Beth: Relax guys it’s nothing. I have no interest in him.

Haruka: Wow our Beth is just herself like always … who says no to a super hottie like him… If I were you I would have already been married.

Ayami: Stop it and let her be with him for a moment.  Hey Beth we need to check out some stuff also I have heard my mom’s cousin is in the management I got to say her hi so let’s go gang.

Aiya: Ayami you and Haruka go I have to check out some books over there.

Ayami: fine we will meet soon

Leaving Beth alone…

Beth thinking what to do so she grabbed the newly launched book and sits just near the place where she could easily see Takumi, thinking about her engagement  gives her chills so she hesitated… she quickly find a seat and started reading first chapter…wow interesting… suddenly her phone rings …oh its mom… have you meet him yet ? Yes mom I have ….are you lying again? No I am not… stop lying and meet him he just called me has been waiting for you an hour now…if you come back like this I will ask your dad to seize your pocket money…you know already that I can do that…phone call ends.

Mom ….. Dammit … let me see if he is still sitting there… (Why whenever I meet him, my heart speeds up like crazy I am having this Jerk phobia but seems like I can’t avoid him this time.)

Suddenly  someone comes in her way as she was walking looking downwards… oh wow leather shoes and this so spicy rose woody masculine scent (so mesmerizing ) … Beth tries to change her way but he again, comes in her way …looking up.. Oh no it’s him…

Takumi: You seem to be lost what are thinking?

Beth: Mmm…Me…Ah no I was looking for you…actually my mom called me I was stuck in the traffic so I am sorry I kept you waited.(It’s better to lie than to speak the truth… but wait how he knows I was looking for him?)

Takumi: Smiles do you want to have a coffee?

Beth: Ah yea I like coffee

Both Entering café…sitting and not speaking for 5 minutes now… She thinks (what to say?)

Takumi: Do you remember me? (Smiles)

Beth: Remember? No I don’t…have we meet somewhere before (Is he hitting on me already)

Takumi: Lolz seems you don’t remember anything … we use to play when we were young…

Beth: Ehh I am sorry but I seem to not remember anything… my childhood memories are like a blur image …

Takumi: Seems you like the book (pointing towards the book Beth holding in her hand)

Beth: Ah, yea…I am. Actually, I was reading it and it’s kind of different… I think it’s a sequel …

Takumi: Seems like you are good in noticing things yes it is a sequel … its first volume was best seller though …The Mask!

Beth: I am looking for the writer’s name and it’s K. He seems to be unveiling things in the book and he is hiding himself kind of having a complicated personality I guess…

Takuma: hahahah…. May be! What else you think about him?

Beth: Well… I don’t know, I have to read the first version and the sequel to fully understand him I guess (smiles)

Takumi: Seems like you are enjoying my company…

Beth: May I ask you something?

Takumi: yea sure

Beth: Do you have by chance a split personality disorder?


Takumi: Ahahhahhahah no really not! Why?

Beth: Really! I saw you modelling your hair it was platinum blonde and your personality was a complete change or perhaps you are an actor?

Takumi: getting closer and looking into her eyes… what do you think?

Beth: Startled…Ahhhhh I was just saying… it’s just my habit haha …

Takumi: You are an interesting girl. (Phone rings)…Ah I have meeting I need to go. Let me drop you home..?

Beth: No I am here with friends so you may go. It was nice talking you (what was that when he looked into my eyes my heart was about to stop …he is hot but there is something about him that I want to know I still got three months though ) …

For now I better sit here until they come … (Calling Haruka) hey guys I am back where are you? Hey its Ayami’s cousin she is too talkative I want to sew her mouth I can’t. So you need to stay there for a while will come when she will free us she is making us do work I can’t believe Ayami had such ugly cousins …she is the worst… Ahhhhh I have to go will meet you in half an hour ok?

Beth: Seems like it’s been tough day for everyone!

To be continue

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