The Dark White Angel Chapter 24


Chapter -24

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi



Tokyo, Japan

Yuki’s Place


All ladies chatting

Jennifer: Yuki where is Tadashi?

Yuki: Ah … he is upstairs… I will call him…Ah…  (Tries to get up but her back hurts)

Jennifer: You sit with me Beth you go and call him (while staring at Beth)

Beth: Ah…yea I go

Yuki: That’s a wonderful idea…but be careful he is a tough one to woke up?

Beth: Ah yea…

Knocking knocking….Tadashi san? It’s your mom calling you downstairs…hello anyone there?

No response… (Is he asleep?)

Helloooo! (Shouts)

Tadashi: I am awake! Who is this?

Beth: It’s me

Tadashi: Me who?

Beth: It’s Beth

Tadashi: Come in Beth I am awake

A room all messed up but he was sitting in his bed… I am sorry my room is all messed up…have a seat!

Beth: Ah …I think they all are waiting so I will get back sorry if I am a bit rude (what he is thinking to invite me in his all messed up room?)  Getting back to door

Tadashi: Are you by chance Haruka’s friend?

Beth: Suddenly moves back …Yes; I am how you do know me?

Tadashi: That day at the concert I saw you at the back stage…

Beth: Oh I see…Nice to meet you what a co-incidence (I think he saw me when I was crying and running out of that jerk’s room)

Tadashi: If I am not wrong why were you getting out of Kim Hyun’s room?

Beth: How do you know that all?

Tadashi: I am a band member remember I know most of the news in any case I saw you getting out and you seemed lost and wobbly at that time…I am sorry if I am bringing that back but here  is a thing I want to tell you…

Beth: Thing?

Tadashi: You need to stay away from that guy …

Beth: What for?

Tadashi: he is dangerous it’s more like playing with fire if I be precise…there are many rumours about him…

Beth: Rumors ? What kind of rumors…? But he is popular ain’t he?

Tadashi: You don’t know men and he is someone who can ruin everything…”I don’t even think he is a human…(mumbling).” I am sorry but I care for you like I care for Sakura also now you are our family and that’s why I am just letting you know…I decided to tell you this before but I ain’t got a chance…

Kids… lunch is ready please get down now

Tadashi: Coming…

At that time I could not understand what Tadashi was saying, it was not even making any sense. Aren’t famous people all having rumours?  There must be something only Tadashi knows which I need to find out soon. That Jerk! (Kim Hyun’s) he really is something! (Beth’s thoughts?)

To be continue

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