The Dark White Angel Chapter 25


Chapter -25

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


Encounter with the Devil

Tokyo, Japan

At The Main House 

Jennifer: What are you thinking Beth you have not spoken since we had lunch…Is there something wrong …if you are thinking about Takumi he is in Korea these days so he won’t be at the main house today…If you ask me you must get used to his presence.

Beth: Mother! I am not thinking about him…I just want to be alone sometimes and I am staying at the pent house.

Jennifer:  Beth you know you can’t…

Beth: please let me I need some time alone.

Madam we have arrived…

Museum’s History:

Pent house connected with palace‘s museum the house back yard covered up with thick roses the air seemed so aromatic.  The Pent house is especially decorated for VIP guests and since Beth is allergic to roses she entered from the back door that opens in the kitchen.

On her way to the pent house there were heavy clouds forming in the sky, blocking even the moon light.  The museum although maintained on regular bases it somehow seems the oldest of all buildings, it was made centuries ago with dark bricks with the collaboration of 7 noble Japanese clans. Since Matsuda’s were the leaders and most powerful of all 7 noble clans, so it was decided that they should be the owner of the place and since that it’s been called Matsuda palace.

Rumours have it that there lies so much secrets in this building, still there visits spirits of the ninjas, warriors of the 7 clans and some says that it’s been haunted.

Encounter with the Devil

Beth: Ah finally! I don’t even care if I am afraid of the lightening I have a solution. These headphones.  And I hope my pizza will arrive soon.  What’s this vibration is it an earth quack?

Moving towards the kitchen. Ah this sound it’s coming from the museum is there someone there ?  (Beth face turning pale)    could it be haunted ?

Just then there was a sound of glass break …she suddenly rushed to see what happened …. There were pieces of glass scattered everywhere. The window was broken completely …but how wind cannot broke it? If I rush myself to the main house now it will take me 15 minutes if I run quickly it will 12 minutes…checking her phone still no signal… she tried to sneak out it was dark everywhere and rain shower was too heavy…Also there was power failure… suddenly there was thunder and everywhere lit up, her eyes shifted as she sensed presence,  at the museum roof top, there was  a black shadow it was moving …Oh my god she suddenly moved in quickly  but due to the storm she was almost wet and her body started shivering because of cold and fear.…

Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind

Beth: Who…who…who are you?

she tried to free herself but was unable to move the grip was too strong…Who is this… let me go the person covered her mouth with his hand which was wet the water had the taste of smoke … although Beth was shivering badly, but she noticed many things…he was tall, wearing leather black long boots, half leather gloves, and he was all like a black shadow… Her body became warmer and the shivering stopped…It was so unbelievable…

She tried to turned back harder to catch a glimpse…what she noticed was…he was wearing strange mask …his masked face all covered up with his shiny silver hair… if it was not the stature, he could look like a girl from his face and hair …dressed up like an elite, his whole personality was mesmerizing …There was something very familiar about him …she can’t deny the feeling it was safe …

It looked like he was hiding from someone and then he suddenly looked at her for a moment realizing that she was looking at her. Suddenly the masked moved from his eye area and she could see the sparkling silver blue eyes… his piercing eyes filled with emotions. At that moment she felt her heart skipped a beat …Ah my heart what’s happening to me I feel like melting… his grip was way to firm around her … if she tried to escape it was useless… They were hiding behind the pillar inside the launch where there was broken window…

Suddenly a very scary shadow appeared on the wall in front of them,  … there was someone, although there was no sound but the scatter pieces of glass on the floor, it seems it was walking on the broken glass the sound could be heard it was really close … the mask man bend her head…

And the pillar got broke into half…

The mask man threw Beth in another direction and moved outside with the speed of lightening… he  shielded the attack of that scary guy with a black sword that had red veins in it all made up of strange material… and forcefully pushed him back,  he again moved into  an opposite direction and threw black red material senban hybrid star in his enemy’s direction within seconds the weapon pierced through the target’s legs and injured  his one arm… it was all dark, suddenly with the light of lightening lit up the room, the scary guy was behind Beth and he grabbed her as if trying to kill her…

Ahhhhh the scary guy cried and fell on the ground, at that time Beth was unconsciously lying on the ground…

The masked man took out a small gun and fired at him; while defending himself the scary guy ran outside and disappeared he was terribly injured… the masked man checked Beth’s neck and lifts her up with his arms moving towards her room.  She was still unconscious ….

To be continue

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