The Dark White Angel Chapter 26

ch 26

Chapter -26

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi



Tokyo, Japan

 Secret Service Headquarters 

Ichiro and Yamato waiting outside the car for Shi-Woo…

Yamato:  Why is he taking so long?

Ichiro: hmmm…I don’t know why don’t you call him? (While smoking)

Yamato: I have already called his phone is off…hey Ichiro? Don’t you think there is something suspicious about him?

Ichiro:  I don’t know I haven’t  notice anything suspicious about him did you noticed anything…? Speaking of the Devil here he comes…

Shi-Woo: I am sorry gentleman for keeping you waiting … so where we are heading now? (While sitting in the car)

Yamato: First to the head quarters it’s kind of emergency. By the way where were you last night? I waited at the door is there something wrong with the door bell?

Shi-Woo: I had fever last night so I probably got asleep.

Yamato: It doesn’t look like you had fever last night? (while suspecting him for something)

Shi-Woo:  While tying up his seat belt and completely ignoring him.

Ichiro: Pfffft! Yamato you’re a real idiot….when at job it doesn’t mean you have to suspect everyone ?

Yamato:  Shut up! I was just making sure if sir is feeling all right now?

Shi-Woo:  You don’t have to worry too much I am fine (while looking outside the window)

At Tokyo Head Quarters

Yamato: Sir what was the emergency?

Mitsue: Three murders reported all in this week. First it’s the senior officer of Japanese secret services who was also handling Matsuda’s other cases, Secondly it’s the black king pin from Hong Kong Interpol was after this man, he was found dead in Tokyo in an apartment.  And lastly it’s the famous Korean model Kim Bora, Shi-Woo you probably know her?  There were even articles about she been stalking you or in love perhaps?

Shi-Woo:  I haven’t met her in past 16 months.  Why what happened to her?  (With serious face)

Mitsue: on Monday she collapsed in an elevator after the party in a club, they took her to the hospital but she never woke up she is in comma on ventilator.  Well all this can’t be a co-incidence ? Anyways…

Mitsue: Gentlemen are you aware of the Matsuda’s history   ?

Ichiro & Yamato: Yes, Why what happened there? (Both speaking together by chance)

Mitsue: How about you Shi-Woo?

Shi-Woo:  No, I don’t know.

Mitsue: Well now you should know.  First if you don’t know we have also recently been receiving threats from different ninja clans because we suspect it could be none other than them. Although their existence is unknown to people even the agencies but our sources are sure of it or either it might be a hand of other agencies involved with these ninja clans.   And now the good news Matsuda’s been attacked or you can say possibility be robbed last night.   I don’t know the details yet, you guys go there and Shi-Woo I am counting on you for this. Take these two idiots with you and report me today.

Shi-Woo: Very well I want my leave now.

Yamato: Good news boss?  (Completely blank)

Mitsue: Why are you looking at me go with him now and report me everything. (While staring at Ichiro and Yamato) these idiots making my day even worse.

To be continue

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