The Dark White Angel Chapter 28


Chapter -28

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi


The Righteous Devil

Tokyo, Japan

The Main House

Entering room…. Beth lying in her bed reading a book…since the incident she was still in a shock…

Knock knock…

Beth: Who is it ?

 Jennifer: Beth it’s grandfather and some officers they are coming in… (While entering the room quickly if they ask you too many details just refuse by saying I don’t remember… Alright?)

Beth: Nod… Give me a minute please …hurried and covers herself with a blanket … come in


Tadao Susumu: This is Mr Shi-woo he is a doctor

Shi-Woo: How are you feeling now..?

Beth: I can’t say I am fully recovered but I am just ok.

Shi-Woo: Would you mind if I ask her a few questions alone?

Tadao Susumu: Not at all… you may continue…

Everyone leaving the room except Beth and Shi-Woo.

Shi-Woo: Grabbing a chair and sitting close to her… crossing his legs with a mysterious smile on his face…

Beth: So what is this you want to ask me? (Asking with curiosity)

Shi-Woo: Do you remember the face of the guy who saved you?

Beth: If you want to capture him you won’t recognise him as he was wearing a mask…

Shi-Woo: I ask you do you remember his face.

Beth: No (shouted)…. I remember his mask only… (Annoyed)

Shi-Woo:  Since you remember his mask only how it looked like?   (Polite tone)

Beth: I did get a chance to look at him properly but he was scary enough, he almost killed that guy and he even saved me …he could have killed me too (her voice became feeble) but why he saved me (shouted as she was trying to cover her weakness) started shivering… (Beth still in shock)

Shi-Woo: Leaned closer to her checked her pulse and hugged her tightly…

Beth…Ah what is this just now?  (Thinking)

Shi-woo: Ssshhh…it’s alright you are safe now and don’t cry ok…   for two minutes he held her like that. (While placing his hand on her head)

Her shivering stopped, Beth came back to her senses…

She pulled herself away from him…and looked at his face … who are you? You don’t look like a doctor… (Getting  suspicious)

Shi-woo: I am doctor and I advise you to don’t get isolated or else it will get dangerous…

Beth: I think I have seen you somewhere…you look kind of familiar …would you mind taking off your glasses…

Shi-Woo: you have a sharp eye miss Beth but I am sorry I am not the one you could be looking for or could it be …leans and whispers in her ear… you have fallen for him ?

Beth: What ? Who’s him …?

Shi-Woo: I think it’s enough for today have a nice day miss Beth and don’t you stress yourself out. See you soon. (Leaving Beth speechless and left the room)

Entering the hall way while passing through the corridors. At the same time co incidentally Takumi entered and suddenly his eyes noticed Shi-Woo’s presence who was leaving the hall way they both looking straight but glanced , however they seem to ignore each other…

Takumi meet grandfather in the hall way

Takumi: Greetings grandfather. Who is he pointing towards Shi-Woo who was leaving the hall way at that moment (Asking grandfather)

Tadao Susumu: oh its Shi-woo he is with the investigation team.  Why you are asking? Did something happen?

Takumi: Ah…it’s nothing I am here to see Beth.

Takumi entering Beth’s room… she seems to be lying in her bed facing on the opposite side so he was unable to see her face… but could hear her sniffing…

Takumi: Ah … Beth are you alright? Beth…!

Beth: Just don’t come closer I am not in the mood right now please leave.

Takumi: What happened my dear did someone said something to you?

Beth after 20 seconds sits quickly wiping off her tears… and looking at him with sad eyes … do you know him…?

Takumi:  Him… Who? Why are you so upset … did he did something to you…?

Beth: He is the same guy I was talking about he looks like you. Have you noticed ?I even have his picture with me where is my cell phone…ah here it is …opening the picture folder… why there isn’t any picture here it was just here before he entered the room I just .. I don’t know how…

Takumi: There Beth I understand what you are say don’t over stress yourself … please calm down ok. I have brought something for you… but I will show you after dinner ok. You know I have reservation at an Italian restaurant your favourite…   let’s get dress up we don’t have time.

Beth: ok (leaving the room )

That day at the book launch Beth was not in this state however she was talking about my look alike.And now after the incidence she is quite upset. What is it bothering her so much that she can’t be sensible anymore and who is the person she is always talking about I need to find out and properly examine her( mental check up done by doctors) this time .    (Takumi’s thoughts)       


To be continue

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