The Dark White Angel Chapter 7

CH 7

Chapter -7

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi



At Night Beth having a Dream

‘’ Seeing a huge wardrobe becomes excited to open such a beautiful wardrobe 10 times bigger than her own wardrobe in London Mansion.  (Opens it) so many beautiful clothes I have never seen such beauty. Sorting out one by one Prada, Gucci, seeing all amazing brands wow just so beautiful…Wow this dress I have never seen this before reaching out to it but it’s getting further away … why is it moving? I need to get it …Suddenly a person appears behind her and grab that dress for her he seems to have black nails and the color of skin too white and it looks kind of dead…  he whispers in her ear from behind, ‘’Don’t try to reach out something which you cannot get.’’

Beth got afraid the person seems to hold her hand it was a cold touch like ice …she suddenly turned around grabbed the dress and tried to see his face… It was a great shock! It’s that Jerk (thinking   somehow she recognizes his voice even in dreams) why you came here? (Annoying tone)

‘’I came here to suck your blood…’’ (His eyes seemed colder and emotionless) wearing a long fur coat and he all of a sudden disappeared…

Suddenly she woke up!

What was that…? That Jerk even followed me in my dreams who is he …?  (Talking to herself)

What time is it; it’s my first day at university as transfer student in Japan all thanks to DAD. They accepted my special case application…I don’t have to disappoint him… I need to be punctual so his hard work won’t get wasted… Stop thinking about that guy and just get ready …

One Month Later  

After one month at the university

Haruka: What say Beth let’s go to that newly launched book store? I have heard there will be a lot of guys there.

Ayame: Don’t listen to her let’s go to the concert but that’s next week I even have the tickets and it’s VIP I know you  guys won’t say no to (Raiden -American Japanese band) there music is awesome !

Haruka: Shut up! You don’t know anything about Raiden band they have 4 Japanese and one American member …

Aiya: Why you guys are making so much fuss about it, it’s only a month left in Tests and then we need to concentrate on our studies more.

Haruka: This little nerd gum always talking and thinking about studies for god sake give yourself a break sometimes…It’s final we are going to the book store today and next week we all will go to the concert.  Hey why not take Tadashi with us?

Ayami: Tadashi is the one who gave me the tickets so obviously he is going to be there let me tell you something but it’s a secret he is another expected band member since Yoichi left the band Tadashi is the one who will be a perfect fit for Raiden.  Hey Beth what are you thinking where you lost these days is there someone on your mind?

Beth: Oh yea guys it’s nothing I was just listening to what you were saying and yea I am also going with you guys.

After School at newly launched book store the same day     

Haruka:  Hey guys check this new romantic novel? It’s absolutely awesome I am going to buy this one I have read its last volume it was so romantic. (Making that insanely cute face)

Aiya: At the reception counter. Do you have a book titled’’ The Mask’’?

Receptionist: Ah yea over there!

Aiya: Thank you

Beth: Hey what are you reading? Looks kind of interesting…

Aiya: It’s the best seller book ‘’The Mask’’ by author ‘K’ I have read it when I was at grandma’s my grandfather love books a lot, so I got a chance to read it, it’s something very different.

Beth: How’s this different?

Aiya: hmmm to be precise…It’s like everyone’s story I mean everyone can relate to it this way or another and I guess for that reason it became the bestseller.

Girls leaving the book store after half an hour.       

From the book store a person appears… hey there is another book launch next month don’ t forget to visit the main event at Tokyo Towers there will be a lot of people.

Girls: Thanks you we will come.

Ayame: Hey guys I forgot to tell you the concert is during Tokyo Fashion week and there will be a lot of hotties, models and guests , so be prepared you need to dress well today is Friday and it’s on Sunday we don’t have much time.

Beth: Don’t worry let’s make a plan for tomorrow. I will pick you girls and we first stop at the Sakura Spa after that we will book our appointments for tomorrow just before the concert since I have the credit cards I will treat you this time say what ?

Girls except Beth:  So Sweet we love you kitty hand shake all girls (signature style of kitty group girls) All people in School call them kitty group.  For some reason they all look like cats.

To be continue

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