The Dark White Angel Chapter 8


Chapter -8

Ankoku no Shiroi Tenshi



Next Week-An hour Before the Fashion Show

All girls in the car

Ayame: Guess what girls I got the access to backstage because of Tadashi he is so awesome.

All girls: Hurray!

Getting inside the fashion show people looking at them they all look super gorgeous.

Ayame: Where are our seats? (Thinking) Ah over there I found them but why we got the seats close to back stage and why they are so back this Tadashi I am going to break his neck … but not in-front of them I need to be patient so they won’t notice me. (Sweating and turning a bit red as she is bad at hiding her emotions)

Ayame: Hey I found the seats …everyone taking their seats.  Beth sitting at the corner seat where anyone can see the backstage happenings if look closely…

Girls Nick names & Their Personalities     

Aiya: Nerd Gum (Because she is so nerdy)

Haruka: Garbie (Not Barbie because she thinks she is as perfect as Barbie when she is not also she is pretty idiot sometimes)

Ayame:  Emotional freak (sometimes gets too much emotional she even can’t control herself by the way she cries a lot)

Beth:  Spoiled Brat (because she is spoiled after all)

Haruka: Hey Ayame you were saying we will get VIP seats I think we got their seats and they got our let’s switch with them (in idiotic way also taunting her)

Ayame: Hey it’s all cool I can see everything from here… heheheheh … the show is about to begin (kind of embarrassed because of Tadashi)

Haruka: You’re irresponsible you know that huh?

Announcement: Honored guests, ladies and gentlemen we are happy to have you all with us for another amazing Tokyo Fashion Week!

For an hour the fashion show continues…

Aiya: This is getting boring…! I want to go see the backstage where the real thing starts curious tone whispering in Ayame’s ear both sitting together.  Do something Ayami call Tadashi or you can text him please…

Ayami texting Tadashi…after 15 minutes got a reply

Tadashi Text: All clear (kitty Poo) meet me at the back stage (he calls her kitty Poo to irritate her most of the time)

Ayami: Hey girls I got his message… Ssssshhhh don’t make any noise and slowly get up so nobody notices us…

All girls gathering at the back stage …

Ayame: Where the heck is that fool? If anyone sees us like this we are dead meat! (Thinking about Tadashi)

Haruka: What’s your plan first the bad seats and now we are lost at backstage like fools…

Ayami: Calm down Miss Perfect it’s definitely going to be worth it. Hey girls wear these masks so no one can recognize us… All girls grabbing masks and wear them…

All of a sudden there is great noise…models getting in line from girl’s side…

Ayami: Oh Damn we are so screwed hurry hide in that room … hurried towards the room it’s so dark in here Haruka, Aiya, and me where is Beth? Oh no …

You over there …

Beth: Me?

Management: yes you where is your crew?

Beth: I don’t know what you are talking about (in British Accent)

Management: Go in the makeup room with your British crew and ask them to direct you right now go!

Another person comes (makeup artists) … We are short at makeup crew that super model is so rude. Unfortunately he is the show stopper give this girl to me I need an extra hand. Grabbing Beth’s hand door opens …

Come on … just do what I say hold these makeup tool box and follow me … (moving in an unknown direction)

Beth (where the heck she is dragging me if I say something she will definetly  find out about us…It’s better not to say anything) (thinking)

To be continue

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