The Most Inspiring Haute Couture of the Season Spring/Summer 2016


The concept of haute couture is kind of luxurious, something which is extravagant a beautiful dreamy, very much heavenly like, all about royalty.  What whatever the theme is it must be an absolute beauty.

However these days the haute couture fashion has taken many different directions, wearable or not, beautiful or ugly, funny or silly it could be anything …

The designers, art directors are exploring new dimensions of fashion in limitless ways, fashion is an art, it has to be free but yes it has to be unique and phenomenal.   Unfortunately, today where the fashion is spreading into multiple directions somewhat not everyone has that thing to make it to the top levels. Well honestly speaking luxurious does not mean it has to be lacking that kind of uniqueness. To be precise, during fashion weeks people are always looking for something extraordinary yes off course they want the designs the outfits to be wearable.

Based on the most extravagant and phenomenal designs, concepts over all  we think that these two are the most inspiring haute couture of Spring/Summer 2016 Couture.

Cultural, beauty, dreamy inspirations Haute Couture are always phenomenal:

Elie Saab

It seems to be a mixture of cultures although it was more like Middle Eastern sort of.  The Mughal princess of Mughal Empire use to wear the most extravagant dresses.


The background of the runway was more like green lush Indian Jungle. It was really beautiful, models walking like princess.  Although the dresses had the same Elie Saab charm there was a visible blend of Indian touch in the dresses not the current but the way Mughal princesses of the Mughal Empire use to.   Although the colors were all in light shades which was totally gorgeous, especially the show stopper posse in the most beautiful Mughal princess like pose that was really amazing.



_VAL0257_426x639_1 (1)

Imagine a girl wearing magical extravagant gowns and strolling  in the rose gardens with hair dresses like Greek princess. It was a collection of 66 pieces beautifully crafted or you can say engineered  as it would be the best words to describe such elegancy.  The makeup was entirely natural, some models walked bared footed wearing foot accessories walking on the leaves which were spread on the runway for this sort of theme totally unique.


The most amazing thing was they were all not only handmade, some of the dresses were a result of more than hundred days hard work.  Valentino does keep up the standards of the couture week with such breath taking gowns.

The moments of Valentino fashion show were entirely captivating, appreciated and loved by all.




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