The Rising Trend of a Few in the Media


Once you are famous the media is all over you, specifically talking about a few those who are always trying so hard to stay in the news no matter what. Being famous is a different thing and trying to be in the news just so you know that you are a real drama Queen.

I mean how it seems fine just to make page 3 headline news about the same person 3 times in a row just within a week. Regardless of the fact the news was not that big the specific person (celebrity) has now said this, she is pregnant and now she is launching her own brand I mean what’s going on?   Not only this, it’s the news that revolves around the same people more specifically hover over the category of celebrities (Drama Queens). Some media persons even twist the words just to grab even more attention plus getting news from their sources without the enough evidences and references  I mean if you have the evidence then kindly do show the people that your sources are strong and authentic.

Some how it feels like without enough melodrama in the entertainment world the news won’t do a biggie. But the question is why in the world of Entertainment most of us these days are just focusing on certain people only? Won’t it be great to keep balance and without going insane stopping the rising trend of a few in the media? Also people these days are not stupid; they can easily differentiate between what’s the authentic news and just what’s a publicity stunt. So much politics these days I guess.

Precisely, those who want to be there always in the news will stay there and will always be referred as Drama Queen. And the media will always keep its focus on those who want to be in the news always. However the bigger and great sources of news won’t lose the quality and always keep a standard of their news they won’t do the usual thing they only focus in keeping their higher standards because they know quite well if they do the ordinary stuff they won’t have extraordinary (quality) readers.



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