Top 20 Uses of Petroleum Jelly

When we say petroleum jelly the first thing which comes to mind is Vaseline petroleum jelly. There are companies which make petroleum jellies however the most popular of all is the Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Vaseline is one of the most trusted brand regarding skincare products and its products are known worldwide for their high quality.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is excellent in many ways as it is a multipurpose product which has incredible uses which I would like to share.

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1) Excellent Makeup Remover

Imagine a product which removes makeup from your skin without any irritation and any side effect leaving skin soft, supple and hydrated. You can even use it  for removing your eye makeup.

2) Hydrating Skin care Mask

If you are looking for a perfect hydrating mask then Vaseline petroleum jelly acts as a perfect hydrating mask for your skin.

3) Cure Cracked Heels

It helps in curing cracked heels all you have to do is to apply petroleum jelly on your feet. After a few days you will feel an incredible improvement in your feet skin.

4) Soften Hands

If you are seeking for hand cream and you are not satisfied with the results then look no further as petroleum jelly acts as a perfect skin softening cream. It will make your hands baby soft when regular using.

5) A perfect Lip Balm

Vaseline petroleum jelly is super hydrated which means it’s an excellent product to apply on lips as well. It will make your chapped and damaged  lips super hydrated just after its first application.

6) Highlights your natural features

It’s perfect for no makeup look as it enhance your natural facial features like cheek bones , your eye lashes and eye brows even you forehead. It acts as a natural skin luminizer.

7) Make your eye lashes beautiful

Petroleum jelly helps in improving the quality of your eye lashes and you will notice an improvement in eye lash hair quality after using petroleum jelly.

8) Eliminate Dandruff from eye lashes and eye brows

Petroleum jelly helps in eliminating dandruff from eye brows and eye lashes. In winter season especially dandruff builds up faster. Eyes are very sensitive and when there is dandruff build up on the roots of eye lashes the best way to deal with it is to apply petroleum jelly. As it is completely safe to use  on eye lashes it won’t cause any irritation and helps in removing dandruff same way it can be applied on eye brows as well.

10) Removes Bubble gum from hair

Sometimes when bubble gum got stuck in hair petroleum jelly acts as an effective remedy to remove gum from hair without causing any pain.  Apply ice cube on effected area where the gum is stuck then apply petroleum jelly and leave it. You will see it will remove from your hair with ease.

11) Apply on Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be reduced with the help of petroleum jelly as stretch marks needs hydration to minimize in that case petroleum jelly acts as a perfect hydration solution to minimise them.

12) Perfect for opening close Ear piercings

Sometime ear piercing become clogged and the best way to open them it to apply the jelly on earring and the try opening the clogged ear piercing.

14) Helps in reducing Cellulite

We all know one of the causes of cellulite is dehydration and best way to control cellulite is to make your body hydrated and apply hydrating creams on the affected area. Petroleum jelly not only improves the quality of skin it also helps in reducing cellulite.

15) Under eye cream

Sometime dark circle become quite visible and we apply different kinds of hydrating creams under eye. Petroleum jelly fills the purpose of under eye hydrating cream very effectively.

16) Save your skin from Hair Dye

When  dyeing hair the area of your skin also gets the hair color to protect your skin apply  thin layer of petroleum jelly and you will save your skin from hair dye color.

17) Mascara and eye Makeup Remover:

Makeup removers are quite harsh and loaded with chemicals and eye is sensitive and needs to be treated well. Petroleum jelly not only removes mascaras even water proof mascaras effectively it also removes all the eye makeup without causing any eye irritation.

18) Best for manicure and pedicure

Serves as a skin protector and skin softening mask. Petroleum jelly is used in many salons and spas for manicure and pedicure treatments.

19) Stops nasal drying out

In winter or due to body dehydration you feel nasal discomfort which can be treated easily with the help of petroleum jelly. All you have to do  is to  apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly in your nasal opening with the help of fingers and you will feel instant comfort. Sometime kids feel hot breathing  the best way to treat it to apply petroleum jelly in nasal opening  which will help in removing breathing discomfort as well.

20) Protects Minor cuts and burns

It helps in protecting  minor cuts and burns as well.



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