Top 5 anti Dandruff Shampoos Available in the Market

Dandruff is a serious scalp issue you can’t escape dandruff once it started growing on your scalp. It grows and grows if you keep ignoring it. Some people just ignore their minor dandruff case until it becomes an alarming threat for them.

When it falls on your shoulder and back without giving you a sign then it’s not that hard to imagine it becomes quite embarrassing situation.  Not only it falls on your cloths and makes you feel less confident it also becomes a serious threat for your hair. One of the major causes of hair fall is dandruff.

It cannot be controlled instantly however it takes time.  There are many anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market. But are they worth buying as all claim to clear dandruff just with one wash and make us confuse as which to buy and which not to. One by one we keep on trying but the dandruff won’t control. So where to go and find the right anti dandruff shampoo for our scalp?

Honestly speaking there is no such thing as perfect shampoo in the market it all depends on your scalp. However most anti dandruff shampoo manufacturers claim that their anti dandruff shampoos is perfect for dandruff which is not always the case. Here I would like to recommend you top five anti-dandruff shampoos which control dandruff effectively and you won’t need to switch too many products after using these anti dandruff shampoos. I hope my article will provide you with quite helpful information regarding anti dandruff shampoos.


1) Neutrogena Gel Daily Control 2 in 1 Dandruff Shampoo Plus Conditioner:

The shampoo has great customer feedback as not only it removes the dandruff it also removes product build up. Have you ever noticed that when you have dandruff it forms red itchy patches on your scalp the shampoo formula does clear up dandruff and those itchy patches effectively? I think it’s designed clinically so perfectly to control dandruff and product build up which makes most customers completely satisfied.  Number 1 on my ratings as it also reduced those red itchy patches on scalp.

2) Redken Dandruff Control Shampoo:

Well this is also one of the most effects anti dandruff shampoo it smell is really pleasant and does not smell like a medicated product.  When it comes to dandruff control it does a very good job just after 2 washes. It starts working as soon as you apply it on your scalp. If you really want to control dandruff then this is a must try number 2 on my ratings.

 3) The body shop Ginger anti dandruff shampoo:

I always prefer products with lesser ingredients and which are mild. The reason is lesser the chemicals the better it will be. The body shop products are really great in that perspective they have less ingredients and are of great quality. The body shop anti dandruff ginger shampoo is one of their best seller products and it has more positive feedback than any of their products. Number 3 on my ratings.

4) Head and Shoulders Shampoo:

Head and shoulders shampoo has a greater fame as an anti dandruff shampoo than any other shampoo I know.  The formula of the shampoo is precisely design to control dandruff and with its regular use it reduced dandruff up to 50 percent. Head and shoulder shampoo has lots of chemicals in it but it does the job pretty well. I would like to recommend it for sure which is on number 4 on my ratings.

5) Clear Cool Sports Mint Shampoo:

The shampoo is based on the concept of clearing dandruff from your scalp. Despite of the fact they run a massive advertising campaign the shampoo is really effective and easily available in the market as well.  The formula has mint in it which sooths your scalp effectively and remove product build up along with the dandruff.  Number 5 on my ratings.

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