Top 5 Most Impressive Runway Makeup Looks you must try

Top 5 Most Impressive Runway Makeup Looks you must try

Dare to wear is a statement for bold and daring people who always wants to try something new and these people often known as trendsetters as they are always looking for new and stylish ways of wearing makeup and outfits.  Seeing on the official level trends are more likely to start from runways so let’s talk about top 5 most impressive runways makeup looks.

Smokey Look going intensive:

smokey smokeygivecnhy-summer-2010embedded_glitter-smokey-eyes-makeup

Smokey look is now even hotter than ever when it was first introduced it went viral as it was so impressive that every girl wants to have that look and probably for that reason it was named Smokey hot look.  It was so in, that almost every designer wanted that look for their models to display their outfits on the runways in a new and unique way. From light to dark intensive Smokey eyes everyone loved it and still the look is so hot.

Soft Natural Makeup Look:

natural look hbz-fw2015-trends-beauty-pinky-peach-ralph-lauren-bks-a-rf15-3732

Sometimes natural beauty is just perfect and for that reason a little blush on the check is all you need for a complete look. You do not have to worry if you keep only blush in your purse and carry it with you as natural look is all what you need and it never goes out of trend.

Red Hot Lips

hbz-fw2015-trends-beauty-90s-red-lip-phillip-lim-bks-z-rf15-0879_1 red-lips-dolce-gabbana-spring-2015-runway

Red hot lips are definitely here to stay forever as it is so impressive and sometime just wearing a red hot lipstick completes the look.

Big Lashes

zac-posen-spring-2011 chanel-spring-2013-couture-makeup-nails

For dramatic look bold beautiful lashes is a must, makeup artists usually use fake eye lashes to create a dramatic effect even celebrity makeup artists recommend using fake eye lashes for a dramatic and bold look.

Eye liner Look

lanvin_fall_2012 red-lips-make-up-for-brides-2015

Never thought that eyeliner can look that hot, If you want to have a little less dramatic look which is sort  of retro as well  then eyeliner is a best way to enhance your beautiful eyes.

If you want to carry less with you, then eye liner is a best choice.  Especially liquid eye liner is the best makeup item to carry with you.


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