Top 5 Rom-Com Anime Every Girl Must Watch

Top 5 Rom-Com Anime Every Girl Must Watch

Ask me or not I absolutely adore watching rom-com movies, dramas and animes.  Girls are more into rom-com genre.  Slice of life ,beauty and romance is quite a nice combo it enlighten many hearts.

We all are fan of Marvel comics and most of us grew up watching  marvel movies and reading marvel comics.

Japanese kids grow up watching anime and reading Japanese manga .Not only this they love cosplay which means on different events they dress up like their favourite manga character.

There are many interesting things about Japanese manga which surprised me. One of the most surprising thing is some of their dramas are based on these manga stories even worldwide they are so famous that Indian, Korean etc dramas are inspired from their stories.

Most of us are not quite familiar with Japanese culture however if you watch their anime shows you will sure get a rough idea of their life style and how they live their lives so interesting.

Based on rom-com genre I have selected these 5 top notch Animes which every girl must love it.


1) Kaichou wa maid sama:

Basically a shojo manga series if you do not know what shojo is it means the main character in the story is teenager.  The story starts with Misaki Ayuzawa a girl with great potential who elected as a President of Seika High where the population of boys is greater than the girls. Due to her strong skills and greater abilities she took control on boys easily and teaches them some manners and discipline. Due to her stronger reputation boys called her Demon President. She is none other than a shinning hope for female students and teachers. Despite of all her strong personality she has a poor background and for that reason she worked at maid’s caffe to help her family but no one other than her family knows about this secret. Not so fortunate her secret was revealed by Takumi Usui  a well-known student at Seika High.

 Kaichou wa maid sama

The most interesting thing is nobody knows about Takumi Usui family and background as he is the topper and master in almost all skills.  Very handsom and attractive personality he has English background and belong to the most prestigious family in London this all has to be discovered later.

Takumi Usui   seems to be quite interested in Misaki Ayuzawaa and even confesses his likings towards her.


2) Kamisama Hajimemashita:

A high school girl Nanami lost her home due to her father’s debt. She became completely helpless when she found a man who guided her way to a shrine where she meets two spirits and Tomoe Mikage’s familiar. Who is by the way demon fox so adorable that no one imagine a demon can be that powerful and adorable at the same time.


The demon refuses to be her familiar which means serving god as she turned into a god by the man who showed her the way to his shrine was actually a god himself.   After he kissed her forehead the land god power transferred to Nanami.  The story gets interesting as you keep exploring the chapters. This is my most favourite rom-com manga.  Must watch this one.

3) Fruits Basket:

Orphan girl Tohru Honda who has lost her mother and use to live with grandfather when all of sudden he wants to Renovations the house. She left without hesitation for temporary bases and started campaigning for a while. When she was discovered campaigning by the most popular boy Yuki Sohma who lived with his cousin. The Sohma’s were living with the zodiac curse which was a complete secret however when she started living with them as a maid she discovered that.  The story develops interest with every chapter. Is a must read rom-com highly recommended.



4) Ouran highschool host club:

Ouran highschool host club has the richest boy members until one day when a girl all dressed up as a boy looking for her class enters into the club where she happened to broke very expensive pot the members then asked her to pay her services to the club by working for the club only then she be able to recover the lost for the expensive pot. Nobody knows that she is a female. Another interesting story.



5) Special A:

Fun slice of life all about high school students with exceptional skills and great qualities a perfect rom-com. Another very interesting story.





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