Top Trends from NYC Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Ready-To-Wear


Since the NYC fashion week continues, with it the trend continues to grow.  Based on the number of repeats we have gathered a list of  top trends from NYC Fashion Week Autumn/winter 2016-17 ready to wear collections of different designers.


Models have been spotted wearing these tassels outfits with different kind of variations.

Naeem Khan
_ARC0377_426x639- Naeem Khan tassles
Naeem Khan

2-Star sequin

It seems glitter and bling is very much in this season, a star sequin outfit gives a different and very glamour kind of look.

_KOR0159_426x639_1 MK collection
Michael Kors


3-Shimmer Fabric

Most of you do not know that shimmer is a kind of fabric that gives a total sparkly effect, even the Hollywood actress have been spotted wearing shimmer cloth type of outfits  on the red carpet.  When watching models walking on the run way it’s not only the cuts you must be aware of, also the type of fabric you must know, which I guess most of us do not know .  Also this type of fabric is available in the market but the pure shimmer is rare to find, its mostly mix.

Tory Burch
Tory Burch


4-Specific Type of Fabric used

In most of the runways this season we have seen these type of fabrics

Shimmer, star sequin, Silk in various varieties including shamoz silk fabric most specifically, tissue ( it’s also a type of cloth with fall like organza) and other rare types organza, Net, fur, velvet and a few others.  Organza has different types.   Another noticeable thing was that the designers even have used those kind of fabric which was available almost 2 decades ago and now the market seems to not have such rare cloth, lucky for me that my mom still has that type of rare organza when I just realize that this type of cloth do not exists in the market any more unless you are a designer and you make those fabric on request.  And since it’s all international so you can imagine the hype of all these types of fabric, the designers for their collection especially make this rarest kind of fabric on request.

type of fabric used organza – Marchesa


_LUC1629- Anna Sui net velvet furr
type of fabric used Velvet, fur- Anna Sui
shamoz silk fabric-Marchesa

5-Loose Pants

Loose pants from Lanvin and many other shows, if you are planning to make pants then I suggest go for loose.




Well I guess plaids are never out, you would be able to see plaids dressing in most of the runways shows. Since there are so many designers, so in every season a few seems to  pick and display plaid outfits in their runway shows.

DKNY plaids


7-Bee eye glasses

Spotted in MK collection this season I guess the bee eye glasses are back!

Michael Kors


    Like other trends in fashion, the trend of fabric is also something very much In. So if you want to buy something keep in mind that you can also create something stylish just by using the right of kind fabric. 


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