Victoria Secret Best Smelling body Mists worth Trying- Top 5

Ask a girl about Victoria secret products and she will love to tell you about her favorite Victoria secret items. Talking about Victoria secret items one can never forget about Victoria secret fantasies which you can easily get on 2 for 25 dollars and 5 for 30 dollars online. Sometime the sale is even bigger and they sell 7 Victoria secret fantasies just for 35 US dollars this saves lots of money.

In the begging there were only a few fragrances  introduced as VS Fantasies line namely pure seduction, love spell and Amber Romance after the popularity they introduced few more like Endless love, and today the most popular among the girls is their new fragrance in Victoria secret fantasies line Passion Struck.

It’s always difficult to predict which fragrance a girl will love more as some girls like floral, tropical smells while other more bend towards fruity smells. There are even few ladies who are not into sweet smells.

Victoria Secret is all about women’s love and for that reason they have a whole range of VS fantasies where every girl can find its favourite fragrance. It’s a garden of fantasies where you can easily find your love fragrance if you are more into sniffing nose into fragrance bottle caps.

I have no doubt that Victoria Secret mists are quite popular among all women. They have a good range of all types of fragrance notes especially sweet, floral and fruity.  These fragrances smells so yummy that one can easily get obsessed with their favourite smells.

Here is Victoria Secret best smelling body mists that I would like to recommend.

victoria secret _best mists

1-Passion Struck

If you are more into juicy couture fragrance you are defiantly going to like it as it smells a lot like viva la juicy.  It’s a kind of a seductive warm fragrance with the notes of   Fuji apple and vanilla orchid. First applied you can smell Fuji apple less and vanilla orchid more after a few seconds when it settles down you can smell Fuji apples. It’s really nice fragrance to use the reason for its popularity is its notes you can always do the layer with other items available in this range.

2-Pure Seduction

Victoria Secret Pure seduction mist one is my favourite it has notes of red plum and sweet freesia that smells divine and gives you an incredible feel of passionate romance it says the bottle. I feel it’s a sweet fruity fragrance and smells incredible that’s right sexy sensation and skin feels softer when apply its body butter worth buying number 2.

3-Love Spell

This is by far the best selling ever in Victoria Secret stores. It has notes of lush cherry blossom and juicy peach. First when sprayed feels like a bit bitter after that you will feel floral scent that’s cherry blossom. During first few months of its launch it was quite difficult for the store members to maintain it in stock as it was so famous. It’s floral flirt irresistible fragrance number 3 in my rating.

4-Amber Romance

Warm fragrance again with the notes of amber and crème anglaise more a kind of luxury fragrance best to wear in evening time especially when going out on a date feels more like romantic  fragrance to me  and warm worth buying number 4.

5-Endless Love

Fresh fragrance with the notes of  bright apple blossom and ylang ylang makes it irresistible. Very refreshing when sprayed best to use in summers number 5 in my rating.

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