Victoria Secret Bombshell Mist Review

Victoria Secret has some of the most favourite mists and bombshell mist no doubt has top it all the Victoria secret mists. I am not saying because I like Victoria secret more rather I believe they have some mists which are a bit over powering.

For instance when you spray pure seduction mist you feel sweeter but if you only keep using this scent for days you will feel a little bit feed up this is because they are a bit overpowering. Based on my long term experience with Victoria secret pure seduction mist I believe is one of the best mists out there. However you will feel a little bored only if you keep using this for days it will become over powering.

Victoria Secret Bombshell mist is it worth it?

Yes their bomb shell mist is worth it in many ways it smells so light a bit on sweeter side and more on citrusy side. If you have Smelled Dolce and Gabbana light blue it’s a bit like that.

Victoria-Secret-Bombshell- Mist -Review

How it smells like?

More on citrusy side in classic way and less on sweeter side but you won’t get fed up with this one as it smells so nice, so elegant and sophisticated that is what a girl really likes to smell like everyday.

They say its fruity floral scent rather I believe it’s kind of floral and fruity but not very sweet. There is no way I can compare it with Victoria secret fantasies mists because it’s really different.

This kind of smell you would probably would like wearing everyday if you want to smell gorgeous rather than yummy. They say It’s sexy and glamorous smell well not exact a sexy because it has cool notes it smells citrusy to me. I believe they say it’s sexy because it’s their ultimate creation.

Would you need to know about this scent?

If you wish to buy it then I will let you know it’s not at all a sweet scent only,  rather  it’s citrusy fruity and has a little blend of fresh sweet flowers in it. It’s a fresh scent very fresh one you will defiantly going to enjoy it. It will freshen up your mood and not warm scent it’s a cool scent.

My ratings 9/10


Victoria Secret Bombshell Mist Review

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