Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Mist Smells Yummy!

Victoria secret  has a quite a range of some of the most amazing fragrances in the world it’s a house of beauty where women of all ages can make them look alike Victoria secret models. Victoria secret basic purpose is to make women happy by providing them with the most amazing products it’s all about beauty from inside to outside. Women feel confidence after wearing their products.

They have quite a good range of lovely mists especially from their fantasies garden collection range which is quite famous I myself thought of giving a try to the most raved  Pure Seduction Mist.

I was quite excited when I received it for the first time and was wondering it won’t cost me much so let’s see if its serves the purpose fingers crossed.

victoria secret pure seduction mist


victoria secret pure seduction mist

My Experience using Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Mist:

As soon as I opened the packing and press the bottle an amazing, strangely yummy, feels to be addictive, refreshing, sensual smell with warm notes strike my brain and I was like Ahhh! What I have just smelled is it real?

Then I again press the bottle to make sure what I smell was right and again the feeling was really tempting.

How it smells like:  

It’s pretty hard to explain this smell, to me it smells like fresh strawberries and some other barriers from the heaven crushed which have a musky hint to it. Something out of the world it’s kind of classy, that uplifts the mood, sweet totally made for women. Not very mature smell, teenagers can also wear it.


-Smells really amazing

-Best to wear on occasions

-Makes you feel loving yourself

-250 ml bottle is a great quantity in just dollar 14 or you can even buy on deals and offers.

-Available in travel size as well

-Plastic packing easy to carry anywhere you want


-Staying power could be the issue. Stays for a while on skin however stay for more than 24 hour if sprayed on clothings.


-It has high amount of Alcohol

Where to buy in Pakistan?

Again I like to recommend you ROUGE for all sorts of Victoria Secret Shopping.

Will I buy it again?

Yes I will. :)

My ratings


The Best way to use?  

I suggest you spray it first on your skin then on your outfit, it will do the layering.  It’s not always necessary to use other products of the same range if your don’t have them then I suggest the above tip will work for you the best.


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