What does Big Bang Taeyang Instagram Account Tells us about him?

What does Big Bang Taeyang Instagram Account Tells us about him?


Big Bang Taeyang also known as Dong Young-bae starts his career at the age of 12.  Taeyang has a huge fan following he is not only popular in Asian countries, he is also popular worldwide.  27 year old singer-song writer has great voice his singing is absolutely breath taking.

Although his fans know a-lot about him however there are certain things which his fans probably have not noticed or do not know about him.

Taeyang has his own Instagram account where he shared a-lot of happenings in his life with his fans which show his love towards his fans.      Also I like to congratulate him on having 3.2 Million fans on instagram.

I think Taeyang instagram account tells a different side of him. Are you curious to know?  I am too as I really want to share with you guys…

Here are a few things I have noticed about him.

-He Likes Pokémon


Well don’t get me wrong here, Pokémon I remember watching and playing Pokémon games when I was child. Taeyang sure remember his childhood well and love sharing regular stuff with his fans in more casual way which he cannot do when onstage or during interviews. Totally genuine

-He is a big foodie


He loved eating more and more delicious food all the time.

-He Adore Rice Cakes


Rice cakes are Korean sweets and very delicious. He has shared a couple of rice cakes pictures too.

-He has liking towards cats and dogs too

3 2

On his instagram he has shared a couple of cats’ pictures and some of Dogs picture probably his pet. All the pictures are really adorable. This also shows he really like having pets.

-He likes kids and takes a very good care of them

8 4

In multiple pictures which he shared on instagram are with cute and adorable kids, some are his cute little fans and other seems his cute family members.


In some pictures he is playing with them awww so cute.  Shows he enjoy playing with kids and talking with them.

-He knew Arabic words a bit


Sure he has Arabic fans but he also knows little Arabic.  He has shred a word which means ‘Rise’ in Arabic.    To keep in contact with his fans he asked them,’’ ‘Rise’ it means right?’’ And there was a great response on that picture especially Middle Eastern fan.

-He has great memories watching Disney movies


Seems his childhood memories were special and for that reason he has also shared Disney pictures.

-He loves eating food given by fans


He also has shared pictured of food and gifts which his fans gave him. It seems he loved his fans more than they love him.

-He likes sharing inspirational quotes with his fans


He has shared a picture with a Quote although it does not seems a quote of someone else so it’s probably his own.  For his fans he is everything and he understands that very well and he wants to deliver his message in form of inspiriting quotes. I really like this side of him; it shows his undeniable love towards his fans.

-Michael Jackson’s his idol


Yes Taeyang also has his own idol and he is none other than Michael Jackson.  He seems to praise his legacy and has shared a lot of MK’s pictures.




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