What makes G-Dragon the Most Stylish & Coolest Kpop Artist in Asia?


27 year old Kwon Ji-yong aka G-Dragon a member of Kpop boy band group ‘’Big Bang’’ is the most coolest and stylish singer he is also one of the most influential star in China according to the most influential stars ranking in China GD appeared on number 3 rating which are entirely based on data gathered from social media, search engines, fan engagement and some other sources as well.

Recently his one of a kind rap collaboration ‘Temple’’ with Baauer is catching a lot of attention and we have also heard that they are all set to launch a collaboration based album well that’s surely going to be something big but we all have to show some patience.

Today GD is fashion icon, song writer and also record producer.

As a fashion icon among the front row celebrities appearing on many International fashion shows and making the headlines with his awesome taste in fashion. Recently in Chanel fashion show 2016, G-Dragon was named 6 times the best dressed man at the show by Vogue magazine in an article written by Monica Kim Jan 26, 2016.  From craziest fashion campaigns, editorials to insane music videos, G-Dragon has done it all.   It’s kind of really amazing standing out in lookalike boy bands and making your way to the top.    G-dragon has that unique style!

gd_fashion_0 (1)
Causing up a Stir in Chanel Fashion Show 2016



In forbes.com, G-Dragon comes under 2016 ,30 under 30 Asia: Entertainment and Sports personalities.

Also according to the sources it’s been confirmed that GD wax statue will be placed in Ancol in North Jakarta, Indonesia along with the other some influenced Korean artists and football legend Lionel Messi.   Well that’s a good news right.

He even collaborated with hottest starts none other than PSY and Justin Bieber. He is all in all the most influential and the coolest ever Korean star not only in Korean Kpop history but also according to International newspapers G-Dragon is the most popular Asian star.

Who Dares to be as Coolest as GD?


Cutest Smile


The Bad Boy Macho Style




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This Makes G-Dragon the Most Stylish & Coolest Kpop Artist in Asia




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