What so Mesmerizing about Elizbeth and James Nirvana Perfume

The world of perfumes is sometimes so bewitching that it makes brain stop functioning and heart melting right the very instant you smell an enchanting perfume.

Ashley and Mary-Kate the Olsen identical twin sisters entered at a very early age in to the world of showbiz and later they become dominant personalities in the world of fashion.

They were both able to grab even more attention after their collaboration with Elizbeth and James brand.  Olsen sisters launched collaborative perfumes Elizbeth and James Nirvana, the whole concept of their launching was quite fascinating in some way.

Not these perfumes smell extraordinary due to the exotic notes there is something Nirvana about them.  Nirvana is an ideal state of happiness, enlightens where there is neither no suffering nor any desire in-short a pure form of Karma cycle.

There is no such perfume ever launched that has such a deep concept behind it.   These two perfumes Nirvana White and Nirvana Black each have different ideological meaning behind it.  These two perfumes are strongly connected with the same Nirvana concept yet they are different in meaning. Same as the white and black color which are totally opposite yet are strongly connected.

Elizbeth and James Nirvana Perfume

To describe Nirvana white

Sophisticated as white color which is more feminine and more captivating due to the notes of peony, tender musk and Muguet.

To describe Nirvana Black

Nirvana black is mysterious, warm and sensual scent with the notes of violet, sandalwood and vanilla.

Quite alluring these two scents are for every woman to try out.

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