Why they are leaving us so soon? A Tribute to the Rock&Roll Legends


It feels like yesterday the happy moments passes with speed of light and the sad news hits us just like a bolt of lightning specifically talking about the Legendary Rock and Roll Stars which have left us like it was nothing.  It does feel extremely heartbreaking we moan on the deaths but this pain is like a piercing knife cutting through us.  The place can never be filled neither it is like a blank which needs to be filled, stars leaving us making their way to the heaven and traveling to another dimension unknown to us.  For us a legend never dies…

A Tribute to the Rock & Roll Legends whom we have Lost

Like every year especially this year it started in January on Jan 4th, 2016 Robert Stigwood died at the age of 81(The Bee Gees, Cream) Manager then on Jan 5th, 2016 Nick Caldwell of (The Whispers) died at the age of 71 due to heart failure and on Jan 10th, 2016 at the age of 69 we lost the Legend David Bowie he was struggling with liver cancer.  Then on Jan 13th , 2016  at the age of 81 Giorgio Gomelsky the manager of rolling stone , the yardbirds and Paramounts lost the battle with cancer.  What can I say, the list is too long.  We have lost 16 precious gems just in the month of January 2016. 11 gems in February, 4 in March and on April 21st we have lost Price at the age of 57.  Death Information source via wikipedia

List of deaths in rock and roll: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_deaths_in_rock_and_roll

The Deaths of Michael Jackson & Prince Left us Confused:

Prince believed in the power of new generation and people especially young generation praised his music and followed him. However the most shocking thing was the cause of his death although it’s not officially confirmed yet but the sources says it was due to drug overdose since the prince was treated for a drug over does before few days of his death.  How tragic, will the true story ever be unfold? Up till now we still moan on the death of Michael Jackson which was due to the combinations of drugs in his body and it was due to cardiac arrest? Was it really the truth?  People say it was mysterious indeed it was how a legendary star just died like that? We believe the mystery will never unfold. Is it hard for us to accept their deaths or is it the truth we do not know?

The values they have given us through their music are unforgettable, they will always be remembered and the stars will keep shining bright in another dimension however somehow visible to us through the bright clear sky.   In our hearts, you are not forgotten!    Our Beloved RIP…


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