Yuzuru Hanyu the Greatest Figure Skating Champion of this Era!


Yuzuru Hanyu 23 year’s old hard working athlete is a public’s hero and a two times greatest figure skating champion of this era, as he won 2014 Olympic champion in men’s figure skating and winner of the 2017 championship. Hanyu is a four-time Grand Prix Final champion as well.

He moves like a butterfly, his figure skating techniques are absolutely astonishing as he skates on ice like he is gliding on the water so fearlessly, as he moves slowly and smoothly yet surprisingly in the Ice rink. Lost in the music his body moves gracefully, as his steps unify with the music automatically he completely indulge himself in the music.

Hanyu, known as Michael Jackson of figure skating, not only due to the uniqueness of his style techniques as a figure skater,  he loves the moves, there seems no one like Hanyu when you see him move on the ice rink. That’s the very difference he makes as a figure skating champion.


Talking with one of Hanyu’s  fan we asked why Hanyu? His fan replied, ‘’because he is incredible, he moves wonderfully like no other, he is young and a focused athlete. I will always support Hanyu.’’

Unfortunately, Hanyu injured his right ankle in November 2017 during his practice at NHK Trophy, due to which he missed national championship. Yet, he still qualified for the Olympic 2018 men’s figure skating championship which is being held at Pyeongchang, now is recorded as the largest winter Olympic Games in the Olympics history with the total participation of about 2,925 athletes from 92 countries around the world.

The figure skating men’s championship is being held in February.

We know that Hanyu is Hanyu, he moves like no one and no one moves like him.  He is  considered among the favourites of men’s single figure skating discipline and we wish him all the very best in the 2018 winter Olympics men’s championship because we know that he will surprise us again because he is a Prince of  Figure Skating.





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