Zayn Malik Stealing Away the Spotlight


After Zayn’s first single he is making it even bigger, he has become a huge star and catching everyone’s attention.    The former One Direction member has shown his true potential with his first ever single ‘’ Pillowtalk’’.   The song was released last month which was no 1 on the billboard the hottest 100 single chart.  The video reached alone 119,041,655 views on the YouTube and still there is a rapid increase in the number of views.  The video featured Gigi Hadid who is also Zayn’s girl friend and super model.No doubt, they both make a really cute couple. We hope this relationship continues.


Also, He has recently collaborated with Chris Brown making his first ever solo song with Chris Brown; the song is totally awesome Usher, Zayn and Chris Brown the flavours are there.  On sound cloud the song is played about 1.43 M times and received 67.5k likes.   Just within 2 days so you can imagine.

Fuck You Back To Sleep Remix (Ft Usher & Zayn) by Chris Brown

Fuck You Back To Sleep Remix (Ft Usher & Zayn) by Chris Brown


Also, Zayn is all set to release  his first album ‘’Mind of Mine’’ this March.

       Zayn has also faced so much criticism after he left one Direction even now many are criticizing his work.  There is so much coming in that direction but I guess Zayn has set up his goals already and stepping towards even much bigger stuff. Which is the right thing to do, we totally admire his work and wish him all the very best for his upcoming projects.With all this, honestly speaking Zayn has stolen away the spotlight from many.




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